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Increase Customer Confidence
& Bring In (MORE) Bookings!

2 Business Experts with 13 Years Experience Teaching a 1 Day Workshop

for the workshop on May 18th!

What You'll Learn

Your systems, processes, and branding are CRITICAL to increasing Guest Confidence

Attract More Customers

Learn how to meet your customers where they are in the booking process. Make the right offer at the right time without annoying a potential guest. We'll show you how to standardize your processes to remove any friction that would prevent a booking.

Book Yourself Solid

We buy from companies who we Know, Like, and Trust. Every touch point with your guest is an opportunity to win their trust. Learn how to earn more wins by streamlining your booking and follow-up process to create an unbeatable experience.

Make More Money

Separate yourself from your competition. Guests will pay more for an easy, friction-less experience. We'll show you how to make it easy for your guests to book with you again and share their experience with friends, family, and other social platforms. 

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    How to Pre-Qualify Guests by Tweaking One Tiny Thing
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    5 Questions to Ask Every Booking to Learn What Guests REALLY Want!
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    How to Make Your Guests Feel Like a Million Bucks (and Make Them WANT to Stay With You Again (and again, and again!)
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    3 Things Your Website MUST HAVE to Bring in More Bookings
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    Mapping Your Customer Journey: How to Make Every Stay Special

You don't want to Miss This Workshop!

Trends come and go. Social Media changes ever year.

But Systems produce the same unbelievable experience forever!

Meet Your Experts

Two heads are better than one! You can have confidence in our Experience and Expertise.


Jason Beaton

You might recognize Jason from his fan-favorite keynotes at both of the last two VRSSs in Toronto. Or, perhaps you attended his VIP workshop. In addition to sitting on the Board of the Association of Vacation Rental Operators and Affiliates organization, Jason owns a marketing and advertising consultancy. His clients hire him to design and implement marketing systems that allows owners to work on growing their business instead working in the day to day operations. Students in this workshop will definitely enjoy learning from Jason's expertise and experience with the vacation rental industry.


Ellory Wells

Ellory is an owner of multiple businesses, has nearly 20 years of experience in sales and regularly coaches entrepreneurs from all over the globe. He is an accomplished author, speaker and often the go-to-guy for all things WordPress. Ellory is an experimenter and tester when it comes to conversion and optimization in his businesses and he uses these trials to help find the best solutions for his clients. In this workshop, students will learn creative ways to increase revenue and how to convert website traffic into paying renters.

Oh, One More Thing!


Live Discussion and Q&A

Conferences are great, but making lasting connections is even better. Before hundreds of vacation rental owners flood San Antonio and take over the boardwalk, join us for a small group workshop where you can interact with experts and get answers to your most pressing questions. Space is limited, so don't wait!

vacation rental workshop small group

What if owning rental property were less of a headache...

...and what if things just worked on their own?

While speaking and working with dozens of vacation rental owners, we've learned that what got you into the industry might not be what's keeping you there.  After you take on your first few renters, you learned and adapted, but you also realized how much work had to be done to keep bringing people in. Let us show you how to implement the latest technologies to streamline your operations, so you can focus on what matters the most - delivering an amazing experience, every time.

Reserve Your Seat

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